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  • A Gourmet Gift


    Be thrifty and thoughtful with edible giftsWords Dawn Cromar / Image istock

    With the task of procuring multiple gifts ahead of her, Dawn Cromar tells how to keep costs down and recipients happy with homemade, edible gifts . . .

    Buying Christmas presents is a daunting task, particularly when choosing something for someone you don’t know particularly well.

    I find it tricky to know which gifts to select for my son’s school teachers; I am sure they receive an abundance of chocolates and soap sets at Christmas and before the summer holidays.

    When Seth left nursery before the summer holidays this year, prior to starting at ‘the big school’, I was left with a dilemma as to what parting gift we should purchase for his class teacher and the classroom assistants. As he attended two nursery schools, I had seven or eight presents to choose.

    I didn’t want to go along the usual box of chocolates or candle sets route, so decided we would try to be creative and make something. I thought this would be especially nice since it was the last time he would be in these classes.

    We considered making something with crafts (but this isn’t a favourite pastime for my son) but came up with the idea of baking something instead.

    We made two large batches of chocolate fudge brownies as well as some chocolate chip rock cakes. Seth helped with the weighing, mixing and stirring so it was nice that he was involved in the process.

    We obtained some lovely baking bags and raffia ribbon from my friend, and popped one brownie and one rock cake in each bag before tying them up with a nice bow. Looked very professional even if I do say so myself!!

    The recipients were quite emotional when they received their gifts; I think they were pleased to be given something that the pupil had been involved in creating.

    I will be thinking up some alternative baked goods to prepare for the end of term this year . . . I am thinking peppermint creams or something equally scrummy! Watch this space to see what we decide to make!

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