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    Baby, it's cold outsideDawn Cromar discovers that indoor picnics are the best way to keep the kids happy when the sun is shining, but it’s still cold outside . . .

    Words Dawn Cromar / Image istock

    We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather so far this year – very unexpected but very welcome!

    This climate has led my children to think that it is already summer time – and more specifically, picnic time!! While it has been warm, other than a couple of particularly sunny days, it hasn’t been THAT warm as yet. So we have only tried to brave the great outdoors for lunch once so far – and, unsurprisingly, it was a tad chilly.

    So we have taken to having indoor picnics – or car picnics. For indoor picnics, we get a travel rug, spread it out on the floor and have our picnic as if we were outside. And you have the added bonus of knowing there shouldn’t be any ‘beasties’ crawling into your sandwiches or wasps trying out the doggy paddle in your juice.

    Indoor picnics can feature any foodstuffs you like, traditional sandwiches, crisps and fruit or you have the added advantage of being able to serve up hot food on plates as you’re only likely to be a few feet from the kitchen.

    Of course the disadvantage is that there don’t tend to be birds in your living room to snaffle up any crumbs.

    Our most recent indoor picnics have featured the usual suspects of sandwiches, crisps, yoghurts and fruit, but we have also had crackers with different cheeses, we’ve had GG’s special bready sausage rolls (as featured in a previous blog!) and we’ve also had pizzas, chicken fillets and salad. So you can really have whatever you fancy.

    The other option, although not quite as comfortable, is to have a car picnic. We have used this method when we have ventured out to the park in less than balmy conditions, where you don’t feel too cold if you’re wrapped up and moving about, but when you would certainly feel the chill if you were to sit down for a good while to have lunch! So to warm ourselves up and fill our tums, we retreated to the car for a straightforward packed lunch style picnic, before heading back out to the park for a while.

    But I have to say the living room picnic is the favourite so far. So next time the kids fancy a picnic but you look outside and our more traditional British summer weather – rain – has returned, you don’t need to pack away the hamper, just relocate from the park to your living room. With the added comforts of warmth, a clean bathroom and no beasties!

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