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    Edible GiftsWords and Image Dawn Cromar

    Buying gifts for loved ones is often frustrating, time consuming and half the time you pick the wrong thing anyway! But you can show them you care by making edible gifts as Dawn Cromar proves . . .

    This time around we elected to make more delicate sweets as gifts rather than chunky cakes and slabs of brownies – or that was the idea.

    Decorated peppermint creams and coconut ice squares, which sound as if they would make for slightly more elegant gifts, were decided upon. But by getting the kids to help, things are never quite as graceful or dainty as you may hope – but they are presents that a have a lot of thought behind them.

    We followed traditional recipes, but added our own twist by dipping the peppermint creams in chocolate (some in milk, some in white) and then sprinkling a variety of toppings over them.

    They may not be the most dainty of gifts but they are tasty – particularly for those with a sweet tooth – and it is nice that the children helped make them.

    Hopefully the recipients were pleased with them. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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