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  • Top Tips for Perfect Cocktails


    Highland Spring Festive Fizz winter cocktailsImpress your friends this festive season with these simple tips from Highland Spring that will have you serving cocktails like a pro . . .

    • Once you’ve squeezed your citrus juice into your cocktail drop the wedge into the glass for extra flavour and a stylish finishing touch.
    • Mint leaves will be at their best when stored in an airtight container – to bring out the flavour and that lovely aroma clap the leaves in your hands before using.
    • Filling your glasses to the top with ice not only looks good, but also makes the ice last longer, keeping your drinks cool and preventing them from becoming diluted.
    • You don’t need fancy equipment to create glamorous garnishes – a potato peeler is your secret weapon to produce beautiful citrus twists.
    • When planning your celebration allow for two drinks per hour for each guest – allow for an extra hour if you’re worried your cocktails will prove too popular!

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