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  • Cucumber Snake


    Cucumber SnakeRecipe and Image Garner’s (

    The cheese and pickle hedgehog is a retro party classic – for a fresh take why not try this tasty culinary creature? You can add more features to your snake if you wish –
    what about two pickled onion eyes or use some star anise, let your imagination
    run wild!

    Cucumber Snake


    • 1 cucumber (even better if it has a bend in it!)
    • 4 wafer thin slices of Parma/Argyll ham or Bresaola beef
    • 150g Lanark Blue/Roquefort cheese
    • 1 jar Garner’s Sweet Pickled Baby Onions, drained
    • Cocktail sticks
    • Red pepper


    1. Rinse and dry cucumber. Cut a thin slice off one side to create a flat base. Mark skin with a canelling knife if desired.
    2. Thread the cocktail sticks with a Garner’s Sweet Pickled Baby Onion and a nugget of cheese, weave on a sliver of ham and finish with another onion.
    3. Jab completed sticks into the cucumber in two wavy ‘tramlines’ up the centre from end to end.
    4. Use a small vegetable knife to shape a mouth at one end and push in a piece of red bell pepper shaped as a forked tongue to complete the snake.





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