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  • The Vampire Breakfast


    Get in High Spirits this Halloween with this temptingly wicked recipe from Belvoir Fruit Farms…

    Once your little horrors are tucked up in bed, why not invite some friends over for some frightful fun at your very own Halloween party?

    Serve up this spooky cocktail made with Belvoir’s ginger cordial for a fiery kick.

    And if there’s any cordial leftover, mix it with hot water for a warming drink on bonfire night.

    Belvoir Fruit Farms range of cordials, pressés and punches are available from leading supermarkets, delicatessens, food halls, farm shops or via the website Prices start from £3.00 upwards on cordials, £2.39 upwards on 75cl pressés, and £1.75 upwards on 25cl pressés.

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    Get in High Spirits this Halloween with Belvoir Fruit Farms

    Serving Size: Serves 1


    • 35ml Golden rum
    • 15ml Belvoir Ginger Cordial
    • 75ml Pomegranate juice
    • 10ml Lime juice (Or 2 squeezed wedges)
    • Cubed ice
    • 1 Lychee stuffed with raspberries on cocktail stick, to garnish


    1. Pour all ingredients into a hi-ball glass filled with cubed ice and garnish with the lychees stuffed with raspberries on cocktail stick for a spooky twist.

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