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  • Enjoy a Halloween Trick and Treat

    Whip up a batch of these seriously spooky Halloween recipes from Lyle’s Golden Syrup you'll find they're more treat than trick.

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    Recipes and Images Lyle’s Golden Syrup

    Bloodshot Eye Balls

    Watch out for these delicious cakes – they’re keeping an eyeball on you!

    Mummies’ Revenge

    Gingerbread men are coming to haunt you!

    Popcorn Brains with Maggots

    Try gorgeously gruesome sticky ginger cakes with popcorn topping – squirming with icing maggots!

    Spiders Web Pancakes

    These creepy crawly pancakes are perfect for breakfast or dessert. And they’re good for you too. Spooky!

    Vampire’s Pumpkin Muffins

    These yummy savoury muffins are the perfect bite for Halloween!